Common Types of Non-profit Projects

Common Types of Non-profit Projects

The non-profit construction industry is developing, and different types of projects are being built more often. Georgia counts on multiple non-profit organizations such as housing, schools, healthcare, rescue centers, human services centers, and much more. 

All these centers, programs, or organizations count on buildings where people are treated, renewed, or helped. An appropriate structure is a must for their needs. For example, a rescue center needs to host people within days or months, meaning bedrooms, bathrooms, and recreation rooms must fit their commitments perfectly. 

Healthcare Centers

These organizations deliver health care services to people in need. Usually, in Georgia, those centers can be divided into mental health, pharmacy, substance use disorders, etc. Their purpose is to care about the most vulnerable individuals. An appropriate construction benefits the organization to properly attend all the necessities to allow doctors and nurses to fulfill their roles. 

Charity & Voluntarism Foundations 

They help the society with their giving and voluntarism values with different strategies to get to all the sectors in need. They usually fundraise food, medicine, clothing in their locations. It is why a design with a strategy to fulfill the needs of space for people to create their packages is necessary.

Homeless & Housing Organizations 

Georgia count on centers that provide housing to individuals that do not have a place to live. Its buildings need spaces for bedrooms, bathrooms, sometimes even a nursery. This is one of the most typical non-profit organizations. Having the proper installations is a plus to fulfill their mission. 

Pencor Construction Builds Your Non-Profit Organization 

Located in Georgia, Pencor is a company dedicated to design and construct your projects from scratch. Also, nowadays, we are recreating The 345-City of Refuge. This Christian-affiliated non-profit offers housing and programs in youth support, health and wellness, and vocational development. 

We love to share the values of every single project. We do not like to be just your construction company but your advocates that help you breathe life into your projects. We have budget-friendly costs for all those who want to recreate or start their non-profit organization. It helps us comply with our community's caring values.