How Are Healthcare Facilities Distributed?

Health Centers are crucial for our community since they provide medical, dental, mental healthcare, and health promotion in one setting. It’s our right to be treated with dignity and receive quality healthcare services anytime we need them. Therefore, the construction of new medical centers helps our community to improve their standard of living. 

Building an appropriate health center is no easy task. There are different aspects, tools, equipment, and space to take into consideration. In order to construct a complete hospital or clinic you must specify the services you’ll ofer. There are several divisions a health center can have, let’s explore the most common and indispensable ones. 

Most Common Healthcare Centers Divisions

Before diving into the structure of medical centers, let’s never forget how important it is to always keep the spaces inside these centers clean and disinfected, since thousands of people will trust your services and put their lives at stake. If you’re really interested in the adequate construction of medical centers, here are some imperative divisions to include:

Emergency Department

This is a special department to attend patients with urgent medical complications without prior appointment. The staff must understand that working in this area is a little stressful because the attention has to be as efficient and fast. They’ll be dealing with life-threatening problems that need urgent assistance as soon as the patient steps out of the ambulance or other vehicle. 

Operating Room

These rooms are one of the most important and well-ordered parts of a hospital. This is the place where a patient puts their life in the hands of a dedicated team of professionals to perform diverse surgeries. Operating rooms must be supplied with all the necessary equipment to provide high quality service. 

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

This area is special for critical patients that are going through life-threatening illnesses or injuries. The staff is required to provide constant, close monitoring, support, and intensive treatment medicine to every patient.


Here, your patients will stay to recover from any surgery or illness. Follow ups on each case are required in order to guarantee the treatment’s effectiveness. 

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