How To Prevent Construction Injuries

In the United States, there is a strong focus on safety measures regarding construction company processes; however, according to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor, by 2019, 20% of worker fatalities were in construction. 

Find out 4 of the standard violations that caused those deaths and how people were supposed to avoid them. 

Falling Off Of Overhead Platforms

One of the most common accidents and deaths under construction is the lack of place setting and equipment when working on overhead platforms, holes in the walls, and elevated workstations. The equipment and machinery must be delivered to the worker regardless of the dangerous fall distance, meaning employers have a duty to fulfill to avoid these injuries. 

To prevent workers from falling injuries employees must do the following:

  • Provide safety equipment such as nets, handrails, stair railings, and harness lines. 
  • Hazard-Free working conditions
  • Provide guardrails and toe-boards
  • Guard floor hole 

Workers must obey every training and instruction of the construction company and keep the place clean and organized. 

Machine Guarding Injuries 

When using or moving a machine, workers are at risk of suffering burns, crushed fingers, amputations, or even blindness. Also, there is a risk for other workers who might be around if there is no machine control during the accident process. 

Contractors must offer their employees safeguarding equipment, proper technique training, and a proper workplace when they can work without external circumstances that can provoke them to harm themselves or others. Workers must follow every rule and use the equipment properly. 

Electrocution Due To Hazardous Energy

Depending on the construction company, different types of energy exist, such as mechanical, hydraulic, chemical, thermal, and electrical. So, during the job performance, when there is a release of energy or an unexpected startup, workers can suffer serious injuries such as crushing, burns, amputating, fracturing, and electrocution that can cause death. 

To avoid all these types of accidents, contractors must train all their workers to understand and use all the lockout/Tagout procedures to control the hazardous energy release. They must work properly, and everyone should be prohibited from restarting or reenergizing machines during job performance moments. 

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